California Gray???


10 Years
Dec 28, 2009
Bellingham Wa
I can't find any info on this birdie. Could there be a ANA for them. Our Co-op is getting them in and the fam. is curious about stats.
I heard someone else mention these before but I am sorry to say I dunno nothing about them - It peaked my curiousity because I am fromj california and was hoping to see a picture. I would suggest you used the search box on your upper right hand corner about the post a reply blue line and see if that brings you any info.

Yes Thank you They lay lg white eggs ... Not what I wanted but it's good to know. I appreciate your input
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YESSSS Bellingham Wa. @ the Farmers co-op~ hatch day Feb 17 delivery to co-op the next Friday
Ya think you can make it ???
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I got a cockerel a few years back just to see what they looked like. He basically looked like a leghorn in type but the barring was more of a slate colored cuckoo, he got killed by a critter so I couldnt breed to see if it was blue or what.
I was just at the Rural King this morning and they have a bin full of day old pullet chicks. They are all yellow with black spots. I can't seem to find a picture of an adult hen--anyone have one??

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