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    I've got 5 chickens total, 3 are over 6 months old and 2 are roughly 5 months old. My Buff Orp. has been laying for almost 2 months now and my Speckled Sussex has been laying for about a month...... but my dang stuborn Silver Laced Wyandotte won't!! I think she's holding them in, just to irratate me! She is the boss hoss of the roost, has yet to squat or show any interest. Here's a pic of her the day I got her on Mother's Day (I was told she was 5 weeks old then) and the other pic was taken last week. Should I be concerned or could she actually wait to lay until next spring? They live in N. Tx and we haven't had any really cold weather yet. Please advise! Thanks!!!
    Baby Buffalo SLW
    Big Bad Buffalo Now
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    My wyandottes took over 6 months to lay. My black star who is head chicken took 10 months to lay. I know what impatience is!
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    Hey it can't be easy to spit out an egg and I'll bet she's scared after hearing the other two squawk when they're done laying theirs. [​IMG]

    Anyhow some breeds take longer than others but when they do they lay for a longer period after the others are slowing down. So don't lose heart.

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    Are you sure they're not havin' an egg for breakfast every day? [​IMG]

    Just kidding.....I thought I was Mrs. Impatient! LOL
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    ARG!!! All my girls are very friendly and sweet, except Buffalo ~ she is soooo stand-offish, she'll arrogently stare at us from a distance when we're giving hand fed treats. All my other girls are dancing at my feet, saying "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme"..... but not her! I'm starting to think "Chicken and Dumplings" are in the near future!! Baahaahaa!!!

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