Calling cooking experts... what to do with regular oatmeal? Lots of it


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Soo... let's say I have a darn costco sized bag of regular, not instant oat meal... what can you do with it all? Ideas? All I can think of is oat meal cookies... but those usually call for instant oat meal. So I am stumped...
If you have a lot of kids/grandkids or grownup cookie monsters I can send you my monster cookies recipe. It makes a TON of cookies that keep well for about 2-3 weeks in ziploc, or you can freeze them. The recipe calls for 16 or so cups of oatmeal, plus a bunch of other goodies. Takes most of the day to make them all, but I suppose you could freeze the dough as well. I make them for DH's hunting trip, and they are very popular with all the guys.
The oatmeal cookie recipes I use all call for regular oats. Try it in your recipes, I bet it will be just fine.

Dry regular oatmeal is actually a very tasty topping for chocolate ice cream. Yeah, I know. But try it, it's actually quite good!

And of course you could always, you know, eat oatmeal <vbg>

Cookies, bread, muffins - add it to meatloaf, cook it with stewed apples and add it pies for filler - lots of uses for it.

Eat a bowl every morning and night. Your cholesterol will come down, too.
Oatmeal Scotchies, oatmeal cookies with dried cherries, bran / oatmeal muffins all of which can be frozen and can be used with old fashioned oatmeal instead of instant or quick oats. Chickens like oatmeal (uncooked) too!
No bake cookies are good. They have oatmeal, chocolate and peanut butter. We love them. I'll dig up the recipe if you want it or there are lots of recipes for it online. We do have to stick ours in the freezer or refridgerator so they can set.
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