Can a Golden Comet be bred?


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I have a Golden Comet who is so sweet and lays such beautiful eggs, I wish I could breed her!

She's so funny. She walks up a branch to get out of the pen, goes down the hill to our house, and lays her egg in the crawl space. Then she walks back up to the pen and waits for me to come open the gate so she can walk in.

She lays an egg almost every day, and each egg is so dark, perfectly formed, and delicious.

I understand that a GC cannot be bred with another GC to get a GC, but is it possible to get a baby if I hook her up with a rooster of another breed?

Well, I guess your little hybrid hen cannot produce Golden Comet babes. I read this on Backyard Chickens a long time ago and thought it was interesting.....
Here is what Welp hatchery says about Comets.
"Red Sex Links are a breed cross using Rhode Island Red males and Delaware females. The females are primarily red while the males are primarily white; therefore, the sexes can be separated immediately following hatching. This layer is used in many commercial layer operations. They have excellent livability, and are very efficient producers of large brown eggs. Mature hens will weigh about 5 1/2 lbs. and can be salvaged for fowl meat when their use for laying is over. Mature males will weigh approximately 8 lbs
Red Sex-linked Chicken - Baby: can be color-sexed. Females are salmon-red color; Male are white. Mature: Red feather bird with some white showing in the tail, neck and breast areas. They are quiet and easy to handle, noted for her beautiful color and small body size, and an excellent layer of medium brown colored egg.
They are also known as Golden Comet, Gold Star, and Cinnamon Queen.
Weight: 4.5 lbs. (Welp)​
She's a chicken. Allow her to cohabit with a rooster and hatch her eggs. Did you really have doubts?
why was the reason given for not being able to breed her? Ive never heard of a sterile chicken.. I know mules cant breed but chickens? curious?
That is not entirely true. You can breed a Gold Comet rooster to a Gold Comet hen and you will get a chick when you hatch the eggs. The problem is they are bred to not be broody so the girls won't want to hatch their own eggs and also they will not be color sexable when born. You will instead get a wide variety of colors and characteristics based on what the chickens are like. I have 12 Gold Comets and two Gold Comet Roos and I am planning on hatching eggs as I need when they slow down on laying. You can do it it will just be a surprise what you get
You can breed her to any rooster you want. What you will get depends on which rooster you use. If you breed her to a rooster that comes from good egg laying stock, the pullets should be very good egg layers. What colors they are will depend on the rooster.

A Golden Comet is a cross between two specific breeds. Since she is a cross and not one of those specific breeds, you cannot use her to get another Golden Comet. But you can breed her to a Golder Comet rooster and get a good egg laying chicken. The offspring will not be sex link chickens and you may get various colors or patterns, but it should still be a very good chicken.
If Golden Comets aren't broody you might have to let another hen hatch her eggs for you. Since she's a mix it might be hard depending on what kind if rooster and how many other types of hens you have to tell which chicks are hers though. If you wanted to be sure you could always get an incubator and hatch her eggs yourself and hand raise them.
GCs are very sweet, and they lay like faithful little egg soldiers, but god help you if you want them to sit on chicks. I love my little bird-brained goldies, but they are very easily distracted

As far as sterility goes, you get that when you are breeding two species together, not two varieties. If you somehow pulled off a miracle and bred her with a sparrow, then you'd get a sterile hybrid (I know it's not possible, just an example

Chickens are still chickens, no matter the type, so whatever you bred her with, you would get successful chicks, just a really mixed bag of genetics since you started with a mutt (which is what GCs are).

So get yourself an incubator or broody, collect your sweet little goldies eggs, and have a blast!

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