can a Mille Fleur mate and be succesful with a BO


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Mar 16, 2009
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I was staring at my babies and wondered can a MF roo or Hen mate with a BO hen or roo and be successful at fertilizing eggs to hatch? how pretty would that be? nice I think? Has anyone heard of this being done? Think there'd be any interest in people wanting the eggs?
Im so going for this! I have a 9 week old pure BO roo and a 14 week old MF hen! I'm going to put them together when she starts to lay-they are already in teh same pen with other pures-hmmm...My head is spinning!
Wouldn't a BO roo be a bit big for a D'Uccle hen? You do mean Mille Fleur D'Uccle, right? i would be afraid the hen could be hurt in the process. i'm sure folks breed standards to bantams all the time, so others will have first hand knowledge, whereas i do not.
My MF roo certainly tries.
I don't know that any of those pairings are actually fertile. I've never tried hatching them and never remember to look for the bullseye on the yolk.

My buff orp roo is waaayyyyy too big for the mille fleur hens. He would hurt them for sure. That's actually why I ended up building a second coop- to keep the BO roo away from the bantum hens.
My mille roo fathered many children with my EE and cuckoo before we got rid of him. My showgirl roo now has that duty. My other roo is a BCM and he is totally in love with the silkies and frizzle cochin. He hasn't hurt them yet but is kind of "awkward" with them.
ohhh mau aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am going to have to wait and get a MF roo then for my BO hens! I dont want to hurt my sweet litle girl MF...

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