Can A Rooster be Happy Separated from Hens?


Jan 11, 2018
Hi all! So I have a 1.5 year old Rhode Island Red rooster mutt named Harvey. He’s really my pride and joy. Not only is he gorgeous, but he’s a really fantastic roo. Never attacked anyone, only crows briefly in the morning, protective but not aggressive with the hens. All around great boy. I’ve got 5 hens between the ages of 2-5. Recently, I’ve been keeping Harvey separated from them following a series of minor but noticeable spur injuries. I’ve since filed down his spurs and nails to a more manageable length, but it still makes me anxious. Also, he’s a huge roo. Easily 15 pounds and I’ve got one hen who is very small. Another one of the older ones has a granuloma in her abdomen that hasn’t caused her any issues so far, but I’m worried the mating might bother it. Not to mention, he’s a rooster in his prime and the five-year-olds aren’t exactly thrilled about his advances. The rooster has constant access to food and water, his own coop and pen (which is plenty big enough for him) and he is able to see the hens constantly during the day, just not physically get at them. I let them all out to free range together about 2-3 hours a week. He also gets lots of cuddles (which he surprisingly enjoys). He seems fine to me but I wanted a second opinion. He still crows and still protects the hens if he sees a threat, even though he can’t get at them. Is it cruel to keep him separate? I absolutely do not want to give him away since he’s really like a pet to me. We’ve won a lot of blue ribbons together. I want to do what’s best for him but I also don’t want to stress out my hens. Anyone have any opinions? Thanks in advance for any replies and please, be nice. I’m just trying to do what’s best for everyone involved.

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