Can a rooster be kept separate?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by hobbyfarmchix, Nov 30, 2016.

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    Nov 30, 2016
    Hi there, I'm new to this site, have enjoyed reading lots of helpful info! 12 Weeks ago we hatched our own chicks for the first time, we purchased bantam gold-laced and silver-laced wyandotte eggs from a breeder. We ended up with 2 gold-laced and one silver-laced pullets.... and one bantam buff brahma rooster (apparently the breeder mixed up one of the eggs!). He's quite the character, very friendly with lots of personality, beautiful bird, the problem is we really do not want fertilized eggs... Plus 3 hens won't be the right ratio for keeping him with the hens if I understand correctly. Being that he's a different breed we can't really use him for breeding either. We know the likelihood for rehoming into anything but a soup pot is slim, plus the kids have grown rather attached... is there any way for us to keep him separate from the hens? Will they still be happy if they can see but not touch?? Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!
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    He can be kept separate from the hens, but fertile eggs are not a problem. They will not develop unless incubated. If you are just going for a backyard flock, there is no reason to not hatch eggs from your hens fertilized by him. It would make for some attractive birds - understanding that half would very likely be cockerels.
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    You could fence off a part of your run (assuming they are confined). Although I'm not sure how much he would like being just out of reach of the hens. Why don't you want any fertile eggs? Some sort of ethical reason? They wont do anything unless incubated. And if you should want more, and chicken math says that is likely, then hatching your own can be an adventure in itself.
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    Chickens are a flock animal. They prefer to be with other chickens. Separating him would be a sad, lonely life for him. As others have said, fertile eggs won't develop in any way unless incubated. Collect your eggs daily, and it shouldn't be a problem. The "right ratio" is what works for your flock. True, the fewer hens you have, the more chance of them being bred more often, sometimes resulting in bare backs. This seems to bother their humans more than it does the chickens.
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    Welcome to BYC!!!

    Ditto Dat^^^^

    Depends on what your goals are for chicken keeping....tho it almost always results in needing to cull birds, either 're-homed' or for food.
    You can cross any just about breeds of chickens...only bantam boys might not be able to 'reach' to fertilize large fowl girls.
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    I would either re-home him or let him join his flock mates. Not a good life for a cockrel living apart from his flock.

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