Can anybody tell me how see if your chicks are male or female


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Sep 26, 2009
I have three new silkie chicks and I don't know what they are... um gender.
To the Moderators- I'm sorry I posted this on the wrong page I didn't see the page down there.
There are some that can be sexed by their color when hatched...They are red sexlinks, black sexlinks and I think the golden comets too. Other chickens can be sexed after hatching by checking their vent.....As far as I know it can only be done when they are little andit is difficult. Some hatcheries have people that sex day old chickens but even with experience the accuracy is around 90-95% from what I've read.....Some people have posted that they have heard to check wing feathers or turn the chicken on it's back to see how it responds but to my knowledge that does not work, old wives tales.....Once chickens are fully feathered and a few months old you should be able to tell if they are roos by their feathers, combs and wattles. Especially feathers I guess as some girls grow fairly large combs and/or wattles......The 100% foolproof method is.....wait until he/sh crows or lays an egg....
. No, seriously....many people will post pictures in the "What breed/what gender'" section because it is confusing......I'm fairly new to chickens too, a lot of this is not first hand knowledge.....
Feather sexing isn't an old wives tale, but it won't work with just any random chicken of any random breed. They have to be bred for it just like the sexlinks do.

Thanks for the advice. THes silkies are a very confusing breed of chicken. The roosters don't crow a whole bunch and the hens actually crow sometimes.
I don't know if you can tell with silkies until they are older. i have one that I was told was a hen. I thought so too until he crowed. He crowed first and then started taking on the facial? characteristics of a rooster.
thanks for all the help with this confusing topic.

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