Can anyone explain the way the crossbreed affected my new chicks?

So I mainly have game chickens. They are called Spud Asils or Lingerfelt Hyperbad Asils. While the game hens brood extremely well they don’t lay eggs as often as I would like. This is why last spring I had bought 4 Golden Comet chicks. They have recently significantly increased My egg production. I had a game hen snag two of the golden girls eggs and she hatched them out. They almost look identical to what the Golden Comets looked like at this age. I expected them to show some signs of the fathers game genes, however I can not tell at this point if they do. I will post a picture of my rooster, what my game hens look like(Not the mom of these chicks), and then the chicks.

I will need to take a picture of the chicks momentarily after supper.


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This thread is interesting and involves a breeding with a Golden Comet hen -

Figuring this out - the White Rock probably had 2 copies of recessive white. Her daughters have 1 copy of recessive white. The red peeks through, as can be seen with the chickies.

My guess is that your Asils are perhaps heterozygous for their partridge and wild-type coloration, which is why the chicks show up more like the mother's side grandparents.

Just guessing - others more experienced in genetics please chime in...

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