Can anyone help identify this breed for me?


7 Years
Nov 18, 2012
A relative gave my 90 year old mother 3 young chickens in September - one red, one white and one black. The black one has developed into a rooster and we would like to know what kind of rooster he is. Also, we need some advice on how to find the rooster another home as we are in a suburb of Atlanta and the neighbors are not too happy about his crowing. I have heard concerns about cock fighting and definitely don't want him ending up in that type of situation. Advice, suggestions, thanks !
I believe our white chicken is a leghorn and not sure what our red chicken is. All three are nice birds and we are enjoying them a lot. Just need a home for the rooster at this point. This photo was taken when they were in the tractor - now they are free range mostly.

I agree, the white one is a white leghorn. The rooster appears to be an easter egg chicken, the ones that lay green and blue eggs. He has a pea comb and willow legs. Most easter egg and americana chickens have this trait. Can't really tell about the red hen. Need a better picture of her.
That is helpful. My nephew picked up the "girls" on his way to my mothers house. He picked one of each color. He did say the black one should lay blue and green eggs now that I think back on it. It was a crazy afternoon when he arrived with them. He also didn't ask many questions when he got them so we don't know how old they were. She had been wanting chickens and had raised them before (50 years ago!). They have been interesting.

I am headed over to her house this afternoon so will get a better picture of red. Thanks so much!
Funny, for the last 2 months we have been waiting for "her" to lay an egg. Up until last week, when I heard him as the sun rose.

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