Can anyone help me with my ill chicken Madam

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  1. Mrs Chickens

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    Aug 23, 2009
    Hey hope someone can help one of my chickens "Madam" has become ill but I am unsure what is wrong or how to treat her.

    Two days ago she got really friendly and was letting me stroke her (this may be unrealated) but normally my chickens don't like being haddled

    Yesturday she stayed in the coop alot, I thought she could be going broody so I moved carfully to see if she was on eggs but she only had one. She didn't get upset when I moved her she just seemed really slow in her movements, she then went outside and drank a load of water??

    Today - last one out the coop moving very slowely, she seams a bit puffed up, she is really easy to catch (normally my chickens run all over the place). She has not eaten anything I have offered her V. out of cariture. Her comp is floppy but still red

    My chickens are free range but have a electric fence to stop the fox's getting them at night, Madam and two of her comrades very offten get out during the day and go for walks but she has not done this over the last 3 days

    Can anyone help is she broody? Egg bound? How do I tell and how do I make her better?

    Many thanks:(
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    Dec 31, 2008
    Murfreesboro, TN
    The first thing I'd do is feel her crop. Check to see if it's "full." If she's been eating a lot, then that's normal, but if you feel fluid, she might be impacted.

    I just lost a hen from an impacted crop. I learned how to cure her the day after she died. Bummer.

    Does she "burp" bad smelling gas?

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