Can anyone help me with PayPal?

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    Apr 15, 2008
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    I have set up my account and confirmed it... do I have to load money on it ahead of time or do I wait until I find something to buy. I want to get some hatching eggs but it is always a contest as to who gets it done faster. AHHHH can someone please explain it to me.
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    If you set it up with a credit card it will just bill your card when you purchase. I would assume if you set it up with a bank acct, it'll deduct like an atm transaction...
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    Aug 4, 2008
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    I have mine attached to my checking account to move money in... if you don't move money it as pays as a digital 'check' and has to go through your account and verfy each time you make a transaction. Takes about 4 days for a digital check to clear from paypal. BUT that way you don't have to load money in everytime you want to use it.

    Just make sure its verfied your checking account and attached it to your account first.

    (Adding a credit card is the same way.)
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    Not to scare you, but we just had $300 stolen from our checking account via paypal. Someone logged in and transfered the money to themselves (the website used was Paypal flagged it and then we asked for an inquiry. We finally got the money back after a week but it was still very scary and put us $300 short for those 7 days! I have had paypal for over 5 years and this was the first problem I ever had but it does make me really leary to use it anymore. I removed all my credit card backups on Paypal because I didn't want someone using them too. Paypal suggested I change my email and password every 30 days which is a total pain! I usually change my password every couple months and I never use the same one I have for other accounts, but they say if your email is posted around the web someone can use it to get in.

    Just an FYI to be aware of.
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