Can anyone post pics of their run access doors .......................


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................. and the chicken doors that go from the coop to the run? We are getting ready to build our run and would like to see some tried and true examples.

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Here's the run access door: it's an old cheapo screen door with wore attached instead of screen:

Here's the pop-hole: a sliding door made of thin 1/4" plywood that runs true in tracks made of aluminum angle iron. It slides to the right and we can access it from the other side of that interior wall (hence not have to go into the henhouse) and latch it shut at night. Since the latch is INSIDE the garage, it doesn't have to be racoon-proof so we used a simple hook.

Your family did a great job Seachick! Your daughter's painting is so cheery. Happy chickens

Here is mine... the coop hatch door is on runners with a cable that goes through a pulley and out the side of the coop. You can open it by pulling the loop without entering the coop or run.

The run door is 4x4 posts sat in those metal spikes you hammer into the ground. We got a "gate kit" at home depot to make the door. The run and door are covered in 2" welded wire mesh.


Thanks to both of you. Nugget that is a good close up pic of your run door. The brackets on the inside to support it are a great idea! You both have some VERY nice and clean coops,love the "pop-hole" doors.
It looks like a green house frame maybe?

Hmmm, I wonder where I would get such a thing? My google-fu is weak tonight. Maybe I should get some sleep and try again in the morning...
You are right, it is the old frame from a plastic covered greenhouse. My inlaws gave it to us. The plastic tore adn it wasn't useful to them anymore. Worked for us though!

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