can anyone tell me if i have a male or female pigeon


6 Years
Feb 1, 2013

I have a pigeon that i cant figure out if its male or female. I will tell you the signs.

It has a shine of purple/ green on its neck and it always get grumpy when my other male goes next to it. it slaps him with the wings and pecs at the head. it is about 5 months old. i only have two the male and this one that i am not sure off. The funny thing is they always fly with each other and they will do anything to be in the same room, so i am not sure what she is male or female can anyone tell me any signs.

o and when i go next to it somtimes gets angry with me.

Can anyone tell me what to do and what it is male or female

I cant get a pic

Please help
here. it has a purle/ Green neck but does not show in these pics but is exactly the same

the white one is the young one and the black one is my male
A face on view would be helpful also. I would guess it is a male ♂. However that being said the only thing I am sure of when it comes to sexing pigeons is if it lays an egg it is female♀ LOL.
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Thanks for your help.

The white one is 5 months and the black one is 11 years so i think i just will get them two females and see how they go. But if i do get them two females will they still annoy each other and break each others eggs becasue i dont want that to happen.

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