can anyone tell me what breed or what kind of cross breeds these are?


6 Years
Aug 14, 2013



Im new to the byc website. .so im not for sure if im doing this right! But i was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of chickens these may be? The woman we got them from said the black ones were australorp (including the gray one) but all but one black one and the gray one have feathers on their legs and 5 toes. .also they are 3 months old. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We have only had chickens since April them being new Hampshire reds. But i have no idea really on what our second group of chicks are! But maybe thinking australorp/silkie? Also the little red bird in the background of one picture she said was rir? And we have another red one with feather on its legs? Again any help would be awesome. It just really bothers me that i don't know the breed of my little babes :)
Another question. .what about the ones like the gray one that has no feathers on the head or legs and they don't have 5 toes?is that still a silkie cross?

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