Can chicken with bald spot stay in coop in -20 windchill?

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    May 13, 2016
    I noticed when I was doing my nightly check that one of my nine hens has a bald spot on her rump that I assume the other girls did to her (they've been bored, despite having scratch thrown out in a greenhouse with pine bedding to scratch in, plus I think I've been giving too many treats). There is a Sweeter Heater hanging 18" above her roost but we are expecting a -20 to -30 windchill tonight. Would you bring her indoors? I am worried about that naked spot in such cold, but if she comes in she will have to stay in until we get temps high enough that going from the heated house to the coop won't be too much of a shock, and that could be a while. I did get some anti-pick lotion and a flock block kind of thing to put out first thing tomorrow, and I'll be monitoring to be sure they aren't still harassing her. Thanks!

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    Is she molting?

    Apply some anti-pick may be helpful.

    As for the cold temps, if the coop is draft free and well ventilated she should be fine, especially if she is roosting with the others. She is most likely already acclimated to your cold temps so going from cold to warm and back would be harder on her than just leaving her be.

    Google or search here on BYC for "boredom busters" you may find some tips to keep them occupied.

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