Can Eggs a hen has been sitting on for a couple days be moved to an incubator?


Jul 20, 2016
Im getting two hens from a friend of mine so that my Black Silkie Roo isn't lonely until my white Silkie hens are mature enough to go in with him. But I'm going away for a week on Sunday. I don't want to burden my boyfriend's parents with the incubator because I have to hand turn our eggs until our automatic Turner arrives. If either hen lays eggs while I'm gone is it alright if they sit on them and then I put them in the incubator when I return?
We just got the incubator and we haven't really gotten to use it.
Here's a pic of my Roo, Rex. I'll add pics of the hens when I get them :)

Also, hens won't typically sit on eggs to start to hatch them until they've collected a clutch (10-14) of eggs. If you're going away for a full week, that may be long enough for the two hens to produce enough eggs to qualify for a clutch and one of the hens may start to sit on them.

Your best bet is probably to have your bfs parents collect the eggs for you and store them so you can start them all in the incubator at the same time, when you return.

You can probably find more info about ideal storage conditions for fertile eggs in the "hatching" sub-forum.

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