can foxes kill an outdoor cat


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Oct 31, 2015
We live in the uk
We have 3 arecas
We have poultry and doves
We are thinking of either getting an adult female cat or an Bengal male adult cat
Could a fox kill it
could it live in a small rabbit hutch
will it kill rats


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Yes, foxes will hunt and can kill cats...

Yes, a cat could live in a small cage, but what is the point of caging it?

Yes, a cat might kill mice and rats, or it might not, it all depends on the cat, although if it's caged it's unlikely it will hunt anything....
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Jul 2, 2016
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Yes, red fox will hunt and kill house cats. But its not a regular occurance since cats can climb trees and the fox cant.
Will it kill rats? Sure, if it can catch them. But most cats kill smaller prey.
I would be more concerned about the cat killing hundreds of songbirds every year.


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Oct 27, 2014
can you keep them in green houses

It sounds to me like you would like to have an outdoor cat, and you are trying to figure out whether the kinds of accommodations you have would be comfortable for it.

A greenhouse could work to keep it warm enough in the winter. Would you be able to make a small pet door so that the cat could get in and out?

A rabbit hutch is probably less likely to appeal to a cat. It would depend on whether the cat felt safe and comfortable in it. You never know. They are very attracted to box like spaces, so if you put its food dish and a comfy bed in the hutch, it might quite like to spend time in there.

The thing with cats is, they will decide on their own where they do and don't go. But since you are getting an adult, you will have to be able to confine it for a couple of weeks before letting it "free range", in order to get it to bond with its new home. Otherwise it might just run away, since it won't see your property as its home.

Is there any way you can let the cat Iive in the house for a month or two to acclimate, and then gradually transition it to spend time outside?

I think you are smart to try to consider the cat's well being ahead of time.


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Feb 14, 2008
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Yes, they kill them and it's a regular regular, in fact, that we can rarely keep a cat for very long out here in the woods before the foxes and coyotes have eaten them. If you have a lot of foxes, you will be lucky to keep your cat from being eaten. Yes, you can keep them in a greenhouse and you can eat the veggies grown there all the same, even if the cat poops in the dirt. Just wash them like you would any other veggie and it will be fine.

I wouldn't keep them in a rabbit hutch...a cat needs room to roam, hunt and live freely and don't do well in a cage.

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