Can Hen's crow like Roo's?


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Well I was looking at my flock, I'm almost 100% I have 5 roo's, but I was reading that males have sharp feathers and females have round feathers. Well two of my "roo's" have round looking feathers but crow just the same as my very obvious roo's.
Occasionally hens will act and even sort of crow like roosters if there are no roos in a flock... but if you have roosters, it would be really really unusual for a hen to also be acting like a rooster... would guess you have two more roosters than you thought... they may just be slow getting in their saddle feathers, or possibly be a breed that doesn't get them.
How old are these questionable roos? If they're under seven months old, it's possible all their male plumage hasn't grown in yet. But I'll tell you how to give yourself advance warning if you're going to have roosters or hens.

Hold the bird calmly on your lap. Gently part the feathers on the lower back just in front of the tail. Look for colorful pin feathers under the longer feathers. Hens won't have colorful contrasting pin feathers in this area. Look at photos of the adult rooster of the breed of your birds. Note what color the saddle feathers are. Does the color match the color of the pin feathers you are seeing?

If yes, you have a roo!
The two questionable roo's are white,

They crow together, um they are 7 months old now they were born middle of april of 2014. I'm not sure if the white ones have different collor saddle n tail feathers?
Some pullets start laying eggs way later; it's genetics given that they are healthy. I've had pullets that started laying eggs at over ten months of age! Was I happy? NO! Are they good layers now? Yes! Mary

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