Can I be the nervous "parent" now?


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8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
So, tonight is the night!

My four girls are in their coop for good and I am a nervous wreck about it! They were peeping up a storm earlier and I felt bad because it has been stormy all afternoon and I thought they might be scared. But I have my bedroom window open and I don't hear them so I hope they are roosting and sleeping. I may go out and check on them later, if it stops raining!

Please tell me they will be ok in the morning.
I just tossed my girls out today too... I'm sure everyone will be just fine!
Yep, they are in an enclosed coop that we surrounded with 1/2" hardware cloth. We also attached chicken wire to the bottom of the coop and covered that with about an inch of dirt. I hope this is enough to keep them safe.

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