Can I Bond with Mature Drakes?


10 Years
Sep 17, 2009
Kendall Park, NJ
I just got 2 mature drakes today (blue swedish x runner) that are so pretty! I have them in with my chickens for a couple of weeks so they will bond with the flock. These ducks were kept out free ranging on a few acres with hundreds of other waterfowl. They are not tame at all.

Do you think that since I will have them in a smaller area, with daily interaction they might become friendly towards me? All my chickens love me and come running to greet me and be petted. Maybe this behavior will wear off on the ducks??? (I hope, I hope!)

I appreciate any advice you can give. Thanx!
Ours haven't been "friendly" since they were ducklings. Once they got big enough to get to the pond themselves, they said "see ya". They tolerate me coming in and feeding and watering them. They are currently housed with the chickens til the weather warms. But, I think each bird is different. You may have better luck with yours. Oh, I have two Khaki Campbell boys.
The more time you spend with them and the more tasty treats you offer, the friendlier they should get. I got a blue fawn call duck to add to my flock..... when I first got her she was soo feral that she would try to mince herself through the wire to get away from me.... even if I were a few meters away!!! Its been 2 months now and she lets me pick her up, she hisses when I approach but she doesn't try to run...... mealworms work wonders
Oh, mealworms! Bemba, does the duck eat from your hand? Can you tell me a bit more about how you got the duck to warm up to you? How often, and how long did you work with the duck?

What are other treats that ducks like?

Thanx all!
I never would have thought of peas! I'll get some tonight!

I give my chickens lots of vegetables, like heads of lettuce, carrots, apples, celery, etc. Do ducks like those too?

Since they are waterfowl, what about fish? I could get some frozen smelts from the grocery store........
Yup, mine stopped being friendly after they grew, I had one that would tolerate being picked up but not anymore. They do follow me around the yard, and come running when I open the door, but that is only because they expect to be fed. The people that have friendly ducks have just one usually, they prefer their own for company.
Peas are the miracle food aren't they? When we had to have a neighbour look after them for the weekend I gave him a bag of peas. They refused to go to bed for him so he dug out the peas and hey presto ducks followed his pea trail right up to bed. If there weren't peas those little mutts woulda been fox food.
Husband does not like me bribin them into bed when they won't get out the pool though. He says it's positively reinforcing bad behaviour. Think husband been watchin too much dr phil lol.

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