Can I feed quail chicks game bird FINISHER or canary seed mix w/cat food?


7 Years
Oct 10, 2012
Hey all,

I have 34 eggs in the incubator, 25 which are developing. I'm on day one (day 15) of lockdown (humidity is at 58%, we're trying our best to bump it up to 60% at least, temp around 37 to 38 C).
We already have the brooder set up and all, and the water drinking thing, but feeding is a bit of a puzzle.

We bought a big bag (20kg) of game bird finisher for my 6 month old quails from this feedstore, and yet the bags still so full. I checked their website of where I bought the food, they have gamebird starter, but it's medicated, they have no non-medicated bags. Also, I can't seem to find any sellers of game-bird starter in my region, I've visited majority of the feedstores that I know of.

Anywho, I find it a bit of a waste to buy a huge bag of food that will only be needed for a few weeks. I can't find anyone who sells it in small packets anyway.
I've heard of someone feeding their chicks seed mix with grounded up, high protein kitty food. Think that'll work?
My seed mix is around 15% protein. (I mix it in with the game-bird finisher and oyster shell grit for my quail as a treat. They love the mixed meal.)

The game bird finisher is 22% (we'll ground it up), so what if I add kitty food to that? Would it work?
If so, what type of kitty food?

Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You can use a high-quality kitten kibble. The kitten food is easier for quail to digest than adult cat food.
You can also use it as a protein booster for your adult quail once or twice a week. Other good protein boosts to feed are chopped boiled egg, powdered spirulina, and live insects like mealworms or feeder cockroaches. If you offer mealworms, don't give more than a few per chick and chop them up into small bits. Otherwise the chicks will mistake their toes for more worms and will peck at each others feet.

Thank you! I'll see if they sell small bags of catfish food then. ^-^
It seems like a good idea!


With the kitten kibble, would it be mixed in WITH seeds or gamebird finisher, or just used as a protein booster for the chicks?

@Sydney Quailman,

Thank you for the tips! But I've checked the distributors, and all of the ones they've listed that's close to my region, I have already been too.
Also, some of them are further away then I'm willing to go too.
If you go the kitten food route, i'd just mix it in with the finisher/seed. It'll save you an extra dish. As the chicks get older, reduce the amount of kitten kibble in the mix and have them weaned off of it by about 8 weeks. Then you can sprinkle it over their daily feed as a protein boost once or twice a week after that, or offer a separate treat dish.
I don't recommend cat food for gamebirds...

I would feed them high quality gamebird starter of 24% or higher and add thistle seeds if you want to go the seed route. Grow some alfalfa sprouts for added protein. Protein is key for these guys but cat and kitten food contain too much salt and fat and you don't want that for your quail.
I'm currently feeding the chicks in the brooder ground up gamebird finisher (22%) by itself. Would adding boiled egg help for protein for little chicks? I know it helps for the bigger quail... I guess I could buy some alfalfa seeds and grow some. Any other ideas for protein boosts?
Thanks Stellar.

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