Can I fit another silkie pullet or rehome one of my cockerels?

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    Oct 24, 2016
    Southern Indiana
    I have four 11 week old chickens 3 are bantam Cochin/ silkie mixes, one a sebright/ bantam Cochin mix and one silkie. 2 pullets and 2 cockerels. I really should only keep one cockerel since we live in a neighborhood but Im having a hard time deciding to rehome him. I'm for sure going to get another pullet, probably a silkie so mine has a friend. I'd like to keep my four and add a 5th just not sure if I have the space in my coop. My coop is pretty tiny only 40"x 40" but they all sleep huddled together in a corner or one of the 3 nesting boxes. The run is 3.5'x12' and then we fenced in a 21'x18' area that I let them roam in for a few hours a day when I'm home. Do you think since they are all small breeds 5 will be too many in the small coop? Advice please!
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    Jan 8, 2015
    I think that 5 birds might push it, but then again, it depends on the interactions of the chickens. I think if you have 5 birds that are all getting along and happy, the spacing is fine. It sounds like they'd be fine to get a new buddy and stay okay with the space they have.
    I had 11 LF chickens in my quarantine coop for a week with a 6x6 run, the coop was a renovated washing machine at 54x45. They went in at night, all had room to move and stretch, and got along fine. Granted, I would not do that long-term, but if you think you want a fifth bird in your coop, I'd say go for it and if an issue arises, then reevaluate. You sound like you give a lot of care and attention to your birds, so I doubt you would encounter problems. As long as they can move around and stretch in the coop unencumbered, I'd say "Good luck!"

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