Can I freeze/refrigerate fermented feed?


9 Years
Sep 2, 2013
NW Missouri
I know it will lose some benefits if frozen, but hate for it to go to waste...and it is mostly used as a treat, not their primary food (yet)… I researched prior posts on this but the answer was about food fermented overnight. My food has fermented 72 hours...
I back slop every day, so I only refrigerate mine when I'm away for vacation. I take it out when I get home and keep the process going like I never stopped. It's fine to refrigerate.
I make 5 jars at a time. That is about 3 days worth of feed for my crew (they are still young) and I always refrigerate mine to keep it fresh. I ferment for 3 days (live in FL sometimes only 2 days) and then straight to the fridge. I leave dry feed out for them to scratch and peck at but the majority of their feed is fermented.

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