Can I have 2 coops for one run?


7 Years
May 17, 2012
Benzie, MI
We split an order of chicks with my BIL, and I'm already wanting more.
My question is, can I build a second (smallish) coop and attach it to the opposite end of the run to house a few more? We currently have 8 (2 BOs, 3BRs, and 3BSL), and I'd like 2 more (laced wyandottes). Making the current coop larger is not an option, but pulling enough scraps together for a mini may be an option.
I would build a new large coop at the other end of your run to house your entire flock (big enough to support chicken math).

Then you could use the current small coop as a brooder for new chicks that you wish to add to your flock as it grows.
I wish we could afford to build a bigger coop! I'ts not in the budget at this time though. :( And, in all reality, 10 chickens is probably all we can handle. Plus, our current coop get a little *ahem* 'elaborate' in DH's words. Spending another several hundred dollars on birds would not be good for my marriage. ;)
When I added to the flock. I built another coop and run and joined them together, so that there is essentially one run.


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