Can i have a coop of ONLY roosters?

The key is to have only roosters in the pen, no hens. Even better if they can't SEE the hens either. But really, it's difficult to keep the peace after they mature.
Would you explain why you want a coop of only roos? Are they a special breed? Are they going to be meat birds ? Are they all pets? Are you giving all your girls a break?? Just wondering why?
My mother calls it the Swinging Bachelor Pad.

When my brother ordered a straight run of the two breeds he wanted, he ended up with about half roos. They relocated the future Freezer Camp attendees to Mom's flower house on the other side of the yard. Mom had stored all her pots and saucers in there, so anytime she would go to fetch something out of the flower house, the roosters assisted. If a bug (read that as: "This is in Charleston, SC, so bug means ROACH...") dared come out, it was eaten QUICKLY. The boys roosted in the rafters, knocked pots off shelves, ate anything that was alive, and made general nusiances of themselves. I got daily updates via telephone, so all in all I'd say it was a good move to put the boys in the Swinging Bachelor Pad.

Dad kept a tally of "who is next" on the chopping list. Due to Dad's health, he could only help process 3 roos in a day. One day my brother will do it all alone, but for now 3 birds in a day was more than enough. Over the course of several months they got rid of Most Annoying, Worst Behaved, and so forth until only two roos were left. Brother has them now divided up with their own hens.

Anytime chickens get bored, they are likely to pick on one another. Mom suggests giving the bachelors a couple of empty 2-liter soda bottles to keep them busy. I haven't tried this yet (currently only have 2 adult roos, seperated), but I hear it's hysterical. Brother's friend keeps saying "That's just NOT right..."
The breeder I got my huge Thai game cock from probably has about fifty roosters in a pen and whenever I've been around there, there has never been any fighting going on. He does keep a few separated from the rest, but I think that's done in order to prime them for fighting. I've often read that the Thai game cocks cannot be housed together because they'll end up killing each other, but I can honestly say such statements are grossly misleading. Even I have more than one rooster and they do argue sometimes, but that's something which usually only happens between the youngsters. The really big chap is in charge, and the others know they need to respect him. He has however not once started a fight with any of the others, and will only ever peck them if they try to perch next to him at night because that spot is reserved for his ladies
So the answer is yeah, maybe.
Sometimes it works.
They will almost kill each other.
Then again, they might not.

In my case of 29 chickens and only 12 hens.....they got to a certain age and it got worse daily until I finally pulled the five worse ones and put them in a large chicken tractor. THEN it really got bad. I turned them out to nature one day when four of them ganged up on one and beat him badly....every time he moved they all went at him again. After five minutes of him not moving I got the broom out for just in case and opened the door and turned them out. The next day we started processing.

Now I am down to one head roo and 11 for sure hens and one maybe hen/maybe roo cochin. Five months and no crow and no egg. Waiting on one or the other and looking at duplex coops to build.

So, it might work and again it might not. It is not their nature if they are all strong willed. For instance, if the cochin is a roo he is not bothered by the head roo. Mostly ignored. For now. If it started I will pull one or the other and put them in a pen by themselves and build the duplex more quickly. I am wanting to keep the cochin. Keep the BR roo and keep the BO roo.

Gathering materails for the duplex now.....hopeflully can get it built before the separation is necessary.

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