Can I make a tractor out of this?


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Jul 8, 2010
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Ok, I have this:



Then I have this:


What's wrong with this

Anyway, I built my original coop to be a tractor, but with all the stuff donated from friends, it ended up way to heavy and the pen is only 4' x 4' (so is the coop).

I was thinking that maybe I could make a tractor out of the unused dog house. Any suggestions?
Absolutely! I'm a little jealous. Wish I had one of those to go with my little box cage. I would use big washers and bolts to attach it to a small pen of sorts. I'm no expert though and would have to ask for lots of help from my DH.
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Thanks for the tips. I do have a lot of hardware cloth and chicken wire available. I put chicken wire on the floor of my pen, but put hardware cloth all the way around. I still need to do the skirting before the snow starts to fly.

I'll have to start gathering material this winter, so the girls can have a tractor for next spring.
Here's my dog house tractor.

Hardware cloth apron out about 15".

You need to have an easy way to feed and water them. I was going to put the door on the end but desided I didn't want to have to bend down to get it in there, so I made the door on the top of the run. So happy I did.

You need an easy way to gather eggs, clean out the house, or check on a broody. I love that this dog house was built with piano hinged top.
Sweet Cheeks, that is a really nice coop. I know the girls want out of their small pen so bad, but I just can't. My son has one dog that would love to get at them & I always have the neighbor dog visiting. I have to try to make it so I can put the tractor against the coop, and have them enter the tractor from the coop. I guess a door on the side of the pen would work.

I'm sure I will get alot of great ideas on this thread. Thanks
I'll be interested to see what and how you make something out of that dog house. I got the same dog house FREE on Craigslist a couple months ago I was going to use for my ducks but desided I didn't like that is doesn't have built-in ventilation nor a door to lock up at night, so it just sits.
I was just thinking of a place they can get shelter when it rains or when they want to lay an egg. I wouldn't leave them in it at night.

I'm sure I could use hole saws to put ventilation in, but not sure how I would add the hardware cloth. Probably with screws & washers & bolts. As far as a roost, I could pre-drll through the house into the 2x4 & attach with screws.

I was also thinking of taking off the clear plastic door shield and cut more strips (only has 1 cut) and putting this on the bigger coop so I can leave the pop door open even during the winter. It should help control the cold from going in. Just an idea.

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