Can I make a turkey hen go broody?


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Sep 9, 2008
I have a bourbon red turkey hen that has been laying. She currently has a clutch of 20 eggs. At night she sits on the eggs, but during the day it seems like that's all she wants to do is go out and party in the yard. It's possible she's sitting on them some during the day, but since I work, I normally can't tell if she's in there or not.

1) is there anything I can do to encourage her to go broody?
2) is sitting on the eggs only over night a normal behavior?
3) will the eggs even still be viable now?

This is my first time trying to get a turkey to hatch her own eggs, so I'm not sure what's "normal" behavior
3) will the eggs even still be viable now?


What happens with mine are they start off laying not caring to much about then but as the season goes on they get more concerned about having a hatch.
So everyday collect the eggs.
Then one day if she goes broody then she will stop you from collecting and hopefully she will be serious enough to sit and stay on the neat.

Make her want to be a mom.
Make her fight for it.

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