Can I please see ALL of your cute chicken pics?


Free Ranging
Apr 5, 2020
Gotta love a Queensland Heeler, one of my livestock predator dogs (vs LGD) with tail (aka air rutter) still in tact!
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This is a fantastic thread to help mend my currently severely broken and grieving heart! My dearest and closest, recently "late" friend Daisy May at her favorite place the river.. She was top dog and total hag to the other animals but 100% trustworthy and full of the bull-yness!
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Been fighting the urge to hit up TSC,, as hubby told me they had chick therapy in! :oops:

ETA: Must not go. Must not go. MUST NOT go. GO!!! :smack
I'm sorry. That's tough.
She was a beautiful dog.

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