Can I Put AG Lime Through out their whole coop?


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My chickens roost in their pen. It's a fenced in big area and at one end,where their roosts are,we have that covered on 3 sides...leaving the one side open for them to come and go. So,their whole coop is outside. I had been going out every other day and cleaning up under their roost. I use Pine needles(we have TONS of those here...and hey it's free and works great!) Well after reading on here that you can use AG lime for under their roosts to keep the smell down,I went and bought some the other day. So yesterday,after I cleaned all the pine needles/poop out from under their roost,I sprinkled the lime then added more pine needles. What I'm wonder is,is it OK to sprinkle the AG Lime all around in their coop and then not put anything over it? I had read where if you use that other Lime,it would burn their feet. Also,if it is OK to do that,what if they are pecking around and get some of it their mouth? Mine free range from sun up to sun down...they never really go back to their coop till bed time...all but one chicken. I have to keep her in there all day because her leg seems to be broke and she can't run like the other chickens. That was my main concern. I would like to spread that Lime all around in the coop,but would it be harmful to her and the others if I do not add any type of bedding over it?
Ag lime used alone will definitely burn them- the only use would be on earth floor then covered deeply with shavings as in deep-litter method. You would be so much better off with a stable product like Stall-Dri or Stable Boy, both of which are compatible with food-grade diatomaceous earth, should you use it as a preventive for ticks, lice or mites. The stall products are chemically neutral and can be used for horses, sheep, pigs, poultry, even llamas! They're wonderful for odor control.

And since you are using pine needles, which are acidic, you are setting up a chemical rection between the ag lime and the acids in the needles- poor widdle birdies! Aren't you glad you asked?

Some thoughts on this topic in this link to my page

Ag/garden lime is fine for wont hurt their feet. Inside i would use the stall dry or sweet pdz.

The other lime is caustic and WILL burn thier feet if not done properly.
I have used AG lime in the coops and then 3 layers of wood shavings. And I never clean the coops but maybe 1-2 ayr. I also use the lime sprinkled over a dead carcus
before we bury it.

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