Can I sub dry coffee creamer for powdered milk?

Chicky Babe

7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
Morgan County, Kentucky
My favorite english muffin recipe calls for powdered milk, but I am out! Do you think coffee creamer, non flavored of course, would give me the same results? Were going camping for the holiday weekend and always make them to take. Just don't feel like going to the grocery. I'm lazy like that!

Oregon Blues

8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Central Oregon
You could try it, but they are a long ways from being the same thing.

Powdered milk, besides being milk, is used to control moisture levels in the finished product. Coffee creamer is.... well, I'm not sure what it is. Chemicals to add flavoring?

A more likely substitution would be to use fresh milk in place of the water in the recipe.

If you substitute and they don't turn out well, will your camping trip be ruined?

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