Can I tell what color Ameracauna I'm getting?


8 Years
May 24, 2011
I just ordered 3 chicks. They can't get Wyandottes so I've settled for an Ameracauna (or EE - who knows). Will I be able to tell what color she will be by her chick coloration? I know it won't matter, but I certainly have preferences if I am able to choose!
It can be hard to tell the exact color they'll grow up to be by their chick fuzz. Some general things I've observed is that chicks tend to feather in the same as their fuzz color if they're solid colored, for example red fuzz = red chicken, blue/gray fuzz = blue/gray chicken, black fuzz = black chicken, buff fuzz = buff or gold chicken. Solid yellow chicks tend to feather in white.

If you get a chick that has several different colors in its fuzz, such as the ones with the chipmunk looking stripes for example, it'll probably feather in with a combination of colors or some type of pattern, for example laced, spangled, speckled, etc.

Also, for a minor bit of genetics, a black colored chick will never feather in blue or vice versa because blue is basically a muted form of the black gene, meaning you'll have one or the other color but never both on one bird.
Thanks! I guess that a big part of it will be wait and see. Nothing wrong with a little surprise
You're welcome!
Also, for EE, some of them may not be bearded. If it's a pure blooded Ameraucana, though, it'll definitely have a beard. If your chick has a very fat, round face (I call it chipmunk cheeks), it should be bearded when it matures.

The surprise is the best part, IMO!

I have four little EEs and none of them turned out exactly as I would have guessed from their down. Yes, the yellow chick is mostly ivory but the red splotches were unexpected. The buff & blue chick is buff & blue but her head and beard were a surprise -- a much darker shade of gray and some orangey tones. The two chipmunks that looked so much alike at one time that people struggled to tell them apart look completely different now (one went orange & black and the other is black & tan).
I had four chicks.

Chick #1 looked like a chipmunk, brown and white stripes on back. Feathered out to be silver duckwing... he's got gold laced white feathers, silver and black feathers, and now greenish black shiny tail feathers and some on his wings too.

Chick #2 looked just like chick #1. Feathered out to be brown and gray from the neck down. Neck is golden brown speckled.

Chick #3 had a reddish brown head and black body. Feathered out gold with black penciling.

Chick #4 looked like a chipmunk only with no white stripe, just brown ones. Feathered out to look almost EXACTLY like chick #3. I can only tell them apart because chick #4 has eyeliner.

So, really there is no telling with hatchery quality Americauan/Easter Eggers. There is just far too much mixed in there to know what they're going to do.

Also I've decided to never buy another "pullet" with a white stripe. Both of mine turned out to be roosters.

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