can i use goat electrolyte for chickens?

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  1. Lillyk24

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    Mar 2, 2016
    I am so sad, frustrated, mad, ******, we lost 5 chickens to a preditor, still not knowing what it was, we made our coop better and stronger, but something is still trying to get in ;( But today I believe I lost another one due to heat stroke, I never heard of this before, but after doing some research, their mouths are open and they are panting, its hot here about 80 something, I read that its heat stroke and I lost my last original chicken. Now I am wondering if I can i use my left over goat electrolyte for my chickens? Or what I can use. I just put frozen peas and ice outside for them and they are loving it, but can I use the electrolytes to help them?

    Thank you for listening and for the advice...while on the subject should I feed my goats the electrolytes?

    Thanks Jen
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    Sep 13, 2011
    southern Michigan
    Cold water, watermelon, SHADE, air flow, shade. Maybe a mister outside? Wetting the roof? Also, select breeds that fit your climate. We're having 90F this week, HATE IT! My flock has lots of shrubs and trees next to their coop, and it is cooler under those spruces than it is in the sun. They are doing fine, and a fan in the coop helps too. Mary

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