Can I use this past winters poo & shavings on veg garden?


7 Years
May 6, 2013
Hi all. I have been looking through some of the threads but am still not entirely clear on what I can use safely or not.

This past winter was my first winter w/ chickens. I did the deep litter method. I have a small pile of manure (poo & pine shavings)
I plan to start putting plants in raised beds in mid to late may.
Can I used the manure from this past winter and work it into the existing soil or has it not decomposed long enough?

My main concerns it pathogens.


Guess I will be ordering some manure from one of the local farms.
The page states:
Quote: Does anyone know exactly how long a compost pile should be at 140 degrees? I mean in days/weeks/months and how often?
My pile does not get much sun. Should I move it into a sunny spot?


A good compost pile will sometimes reach temps of 160 degrees on their own. You just need to mix the right amount of decomposing matter in it and keep it turned once in a while.
But does it simply need to reach 140 to 160 degrees, or reach and stay for a certain amount of time?
It will stay warm untill the plant matter has decomposed. Mine has stayed warm for weeks at a time. Mother nature will take care of it. And unless you are planting root type veggies you really dont have a lot to worry about.
I've got my winter hay and shavings in a pile in the middle of the garden. I"m going to spread it and till it in. It had time to break down over the winter. That'll happen a couple of weeks before planting.

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