Can Injectable Baytril Be Given Orally??


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I have been given injectable Baytril from my vet for treating a chronic case of bumblefoot, to be injected for 10 days. Today was injection number 9.

I want to continue with the meds, as the Baytril has helped greatly, but the infection is still not gone. And I would like to stop with the injections if I could and go oral. I have ordered some Baytril tablets however, but I need to keep administering this medication until the tablets come in.

So my question is....can I use this injectable Baytril orally?? Would I give the same amount orally? I am not sure of the potency of this Baytril, and all I know is that I am injecting .3 ml once daily. I have been unable to get a hold of my vet on this.

Anybody?? Thanks so much.

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