Can Llamas eat Whole Oats?


11 Years
Apr 15, 2008
I've read how Llamas can't have Whole Oats due to it having a "barb" inside the Oat that can collect & cause a stomach ulcer.? I can't find any info anywhere online or otherwise to support this thought. We get Oats for both our geese & goats as a little supplement for both, & that is the only way oats are available.
Horses can eat whole oats. Goats can eat whole oats. Chickens can eat whole oats. I don't know why a llama can't eat whole oats. The only grain I know of with a barb is barley, and they grow a beardless barley now. Maybe you were thinking of barley?
I read this online & have been unable to find any other info, but don't wanna risk injuring my Llama by feeding him any whole oats if it's bad.? & I can only think of a machine like a food processor like an Oscar to make them crushed oats & we buy them in 50lb bags, so that's not gonna be able to happen to crush or grind them.
Found this on AlpacaNation on one of the forums:

We buy steamed rolled oats at the feed mill, in a 50# bag. When you open the bag, it smells and looks just like Quaker Oats. Because the oats are rolled, they don't have the sharp, pointed ends to stick the alpacas in the mouth, and they are easier to chew. I also read an article (I think David Colby referenced it here once, but I can't remember for sure.) that said steaming grains changes the proteins in the grain and makes them easier to digest. I have never found pieces of rolled oats in the alpacas' manure like I have when we have fed a feed mix that contains either whole or crimped oats. We have an older female who gets them as part of her regular ration because it helps keep her weight up. If she happens to leave any in her bowl, the others fight over them!

Hopefully this helps.

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