can locking them up cause them to be egg bound

cary 1973

7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Henderson Nevada aka Las Vegas
hello so finished with the nesting boxes 2 days ago did not force the issue of them using them as they were new in the coop

I have 4 chickens so there are 4 boxes. anyways today I decded its time for them to start using the instead of my desk and rats nest. I have 3 out of the 4 chickens locked in coop with there boxes as its there time of day of laying but instead there sitting in there bitching at me and on the roost yelling into my window instead of doing there eggs. (my 4th chicken is defective and drops her eggs at nigh with no shell so she is sleeping on my desk) I am worried that putting dely in there laying will couase them issues so sould I let them out to go to there normal spots? I put them in the coop when they went to there normal laying spots so I know they need to lay. Am I just being a nervis nelly?
oh ya I do have a fake egg in each one my dad went out yesteday and got all excited thinking each chick layed egg in there box then he noticed they where plastic easter eggs
. I had to let little bit out my leghorns turned aggresive on her I looked out my window into there coop ( I have a vent opening in the back of there coop righ up agisnt my window so I can see in side the coop from my bedroom and during the summer blow cool air into the coop) and both leghorns where picking at her head and neck she was like flat on the ground in subbmissive mode I think they would of killed her if I did not catch it in time so she is back in my rats nest laying her egg and leghrons are inside coop in time out!

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