Can my neighbors complain

Picky Chicky

11 Years
Sep 22, 2008
Holly Grove, VA
It's such a shame that people are so crabby and find things to complain about. There are some neighbors that nothing will make them happy - they're just unhappy people. You just want smack 'em!

Occassionally I'll wake up in the middle of the night to let Sara (our GShep) out and I hear our neighbor's roo crowing up a storm - it just makes me smile.

Personally I'd rather hear a roo than the incessant barking at dinner time of our other neighbor's huntin' dogs.


11 Years
Oct 7, 2008
I would double check your zoning. If you are in the city, the current USE of the land could be very different from what it is zoned for by the city. Also, in the town I live in, roosters aren't permitted, period, because of agression and noise, and the fact that the city doesn't want breeding going on in town. This is how they draw the line between "backyard chickens" and a business operation. I agree with future posts- double check (read) your ordinances, and check the zoning as well. Roosters may not be permitted at all. And people can complain about the noise and smell. Uhhg. Who doesn't like the sound of a rooster? Ah well. That's the fun of having backyard (rather than back 40) chickens, right? Right.

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