Can one incubate chicken eggs with quail eggs?


11 Years
Feb 6, 2008
Southern California

Just added two quails eggs into the incubator along with some chicken eggs. Will that be ok even though it might hatch a few days later? Not sure which egg its from because I have some of the Valley Quail with the Northern Bobwhites and the egg is like a chicken egg color, brown with dark brown spots. EXACLTY like a normal chicken egg, just 1/8th the size. Haha.

Anyways, that shouldn't be a problem correct?

- Tommy
Yes, it will be fine as long as you have a different hatcher... Due to the humidity change and since the eggs have different incubation periods... I have done this before with chicken, coturnix and button quail eggs all in 1 incubator at the same time... Currently I have bobwhite eggs and ringneck pheasant eggs in my incubator at the same time.
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I put my button quail eggs in with my chicken eggs in my incubator till my quail incubator is ready how long can they stay together in the same incubator?
We incubate our guinea eggs with our chicken eggs; we have to remember that it takes a week longer for the guineas.

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