can poults get angel wing??


De Regenboog Kippetjes
13 Years
Apr 7, 2010
im just wondering if this is a waterfowl only problem or can young turkeys suffer from it too?

im asking because out of 25 x 2week old poults..14 seem to be developing an issue with there wing feathers. as the feathers are coming in they are twisting out an an eerie angle.... (photo to follow)

they are on 28% protein turkey poult crumble so presumed this was good enough?

if it isnt angel wing...what could be causing this?
I had one like that, he turned out fine.. may just be his feathers are growing faster than he knows what to do with them. If they start flipping up and outward, then I'd look up how to wrap the wings to train them not too. But for now it doesn't look like it.
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Thanks everyone for photos and contributing to my great sense of releif. I though my poults, or some of them, had angel wing.

Now I can sleep tonight.
This is a very good post for people raising turkeys. I have the same issue with one turkey, though hes 4 months old, but I assume its the same issue. Its looks exactly the same,
My experience with turkeys is that is just how they grow,

Because I raise waterfowl, I thought my turkeys were developing angel wing. Ducks or geese with wings that looked like that are in trouble. But not turkeys. Turkeys look loose in the wing during a growth stage and then turn out fine.

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