Can Rabbits live with Chickens?


6 Years
Jun 12, 2013
Hanwell, New Brunswick
I have inherited an Angora bunny and would like for him to have access to the outdoors. Would it be safe for him to play in the chicken run with the hens in it as well? Or can you free range bunnies too? He has his own "room " in the chicken coop, 4"x 4" space.

Owning rabbits is very new to me, I've only owned cats, dogs, rats, and chickens since June of this year. Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated.

This is a subject that has come up many, many times, so there are lots of threads about it. Some people have had no problems, others wound up wishing they'd never tried it. One thing that wasn't mentioned on either Kathryn's or my link was the fact that Angora rabbits can get really matted and nasty when kept on the ground. They can get that way when kept in cages, too, but when you add mud into the mix, it can get really nasty!
I was given a stray rabbit NZ satin mix. A doe. I just tossed her in with my hens in a run and coop. She jumped into the coop threw the pop door in the floor and got along great. Then one morning she was gone. Dug out through 6 inchs of gravel. We now know why she was a stray. I now have a 10 week old NZ broken black doe and she is going to live in a chicken arc with a wire bottom.

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