Can snakes get in my Eglu cube??


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Jun 17, 2010
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I put up my eglu cube with a run over a month ago. It is very nice and my Seramas love it. I was wondering it has ventilation holes in it and would a snake be able to find the opening and get in? Does anyone with the cube every have a snake problem? Thanks.
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How big are the holes? If an egg fits through the hole easily, you've got a potential problem. If their eggs are close to the size of the hole, it's possible a snake would enter, eat the eggs, and then be stuck inside.

A snake will eat something roughly 1.5x the width of the widest part of its body. I've watched a hungry snake push the limit and eat a fish that was closer to 2x but that's a general guideline.
Hi from Ga You might put some hardware cloth over the hole.
i would say that a crafty snake could easily squeeze through the vent hole....hasn't happened to me but now you've got me worried!

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