can some one tell me everything about this duck ?????


Large duck, doesn't fly, friendly, usually a good pet breed. I don't see a drake curl on the tail currently, so could be a girl. Does it go QUACK really loud,or more of a muttering whasp?
girl, pekin, been bred, at least 1 yr old and likes country music.

When ever you see a hen thats got her feathers "ruffled" slightly, thats a sign that shes been mating or laying. Normally their feathers lay down like hair thats been combed....very nicely and near perfect. '

If 'shes' loud and has a long extended quack that is like laughter or laughing...thats girl.
Pekins are usually friendly and do well around humans. They are a little goofy but entertaining..
yea they are very goofy i have no males she puffs her fetahers up clenas them and then is normal
thnx ppl for the info i had no idea it was a female lol i am clueless with pekisn as it is my first lol i have had muscovies lol wat do the eggs look like and where husd they be expected with the chicken s???
its a boy i found the first curly feather on the tail but still quacks very loudly its funny i quack back

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