Can someone give me pointers...


7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
Bostic, North Carolina
I am going to build a new coop considering my cousins dogs killed all but one, and I am not sure if she will make it...she has gotten a lot better since this morning so that is a good thing...I just need pointers on what to do to the new coop to keep animals like this out hopefully completely...if anyone has any ideas and knowledge please help me...I do not want to lose another chicken to these dogs...thanks in advance if you give advice...
You might think about dog kennel panels. If they are strong enough to keep a dog in, they should be strong enough to keep them out, in theory anyways. I would research it to see if this works, however, in actuality. Might want to spend some time on the predators and pests section, reading threads about dogs.

BUT line the bottom with hardware cloth or something, as I lost one to an owl that pulled a chick through the chainlink (coons will do this too).

If you bury the hardware cloth or apron it out along the bottom it should prevent digging dogs.

I haven't dealt with dog deaths though....
They did not dig they ripped the wire and broke the wood and were able to grab them...I am planning on building just a big hen house and only allow them out when I am home and on the lookout...

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