Can someone help me quickly?

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Apr 18, 2011
I don't know what to do. My hen just layed an egg, came out of the coop and it walking squatting. I looked @ her vent and it appears there is an egg with membrane around it. Anyone know what to do? I dont want to cut the membrane. Am I supposed to push it all back in?
i know most of that kind of stuff but i do not know what to do with that?
Look for the link prolapse. I would bring her into the sink, warm water, and lube up her butt. try not to break the egg. and don't let anyone else pick her butt, she is very vulnerable right now.
lubricate her vent with a little vaseline or olive oil. Maybe it is just a little stuck and won't lead to full prolapse. Separate her quickly.
x2 - handle her gently so you don't accidentally break the egg yourself. Put her in a cage or in a box in a quiet place on top of a warm, moist towel and see if she can pass it.

Are you saying she laid one egg and there is another right behind it?
The egg came out. 2 in one day. I picked her up, and it looked as though it was already breaking the membrane. I still see red something down there. She would not let me get near her, she is freaking out.
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Yes one right after it. This is her first time laying an egg. I have had a terrible time with chickens. I had 2 die as chicks, this is my "buddy" chicken who sits on my shoulder and chances are she may have issues or even die.
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