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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by anthonyjames, Aug 9, 2010.

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    I posted this in another portion of the site about a week ago and no answers came.

    have 12 BBB Turkeys and my hoop style tractors are 10 x 8. Will this be enough room to raise out 12 in there moving daily? As they get bigger say 8 - 12 weeks I will clip their wing so they stay grounded and my electric netting will keep them in and they will be able to range during the day with my Rangers. They will be enclosed in roughly 3/4 acre of pasture withing the electric netting.

    You can see the hoop houses here:

    Currently in the 2 I have 45 hens with 3 roos
    One pen is 22 Cornish X

    One is empty but the turkeys are ready to move to that pen this weekend as they will be 3 weeks old. I am building two more and my Cornish X will be gone in about 10 days as I will be processing them. And then about the 2nd week of September I will have my 150 colored rangers out there for my last batch of meat birds for the season.

    Then around the outside I have rabbits moving daily and in between the tree rows.

    So will the hoop house hold 12 until the week before Thanksgiving?
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    It might get cozy but I am I understanding that they will be out of the hoop during the day to free range in the pasture? It might work with the breed you have mine would not like being that confined they have 12 ft height and love to roost as high as they can get but they are Bourbons my Midgets don't care about the height....
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    I would think 7 1/2 sq ft per bird is more than enough, especially if you let them out during the day. You probably don't want to get tighter than about 4 sq ft per bird, although you could get away with it if it was just their roost.

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