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This is part of the thread, since my dogs ARE family...
Our dog Lucky is in bad shape. As soon as I saw him walking strange I told my mom and we took him to the nearest vet.
The vet said he had a tightened muscle and he should be fine after some rest and massage. The next day was way worse... Lucky started dragging his rear legs!
And he's only 4 1/2 years old even though I know dachshunds are prone to many spine and back problems (i do know my breed).
We took him to OUR vet this time and they said that they don't do operations, and the closest place that does operations would be in Los Angeles. We live in North Edwards and our vets
place is in Lancaster. I tried talking my parents into at least a dog wheelchair, and my dad said we don't have the money.
I'm really worried for Lucky, he's been in the laundry room since (which was about a day ago) and I wrapped bandages on his legs so he wont debride them
and get an infection. My dad said that if Lucky gets worse... we have to... _____ so he wont suffer :'(
I dont want that to happen, I just dont.
Please tell me theres a way to make a dog wheelchair! Lucky is my baby and I dont want him to die... Please can someone help?!?
Any other things we can do for him? And the vet said hes doesnt have IDD or slip disk... But Lucky does have some sort of disk problem, I'm researching on what it is.
Dont tell me to ask my vet because we did that already! So I need expierienced dog owners to help me and Lucky out... I dont know what else to do other then keep
the bandage wrap and massage!
I know this is a chicken site, I have those aswell. 18 of them...
I thank you whoever will help me with my dilemma! Dog wheelchair that will be comfy and will let him walk again! Please!
I've seen modified roller skates used to help doxies with lumbar issues. Basically they turn the skate into a mini skateboard with straps to hold the dog in place. Please remember to train your dog to use this device. If he is frightened of it you may never teach him to accept a wheeled device to help him move around. Also, make sure your pet is able to urinate and defecate. Once he loses this ability he will require more intensive care.
I am sorry to hear about your Doxie, I have 3 now they are young 3 and under, but in the past I have had Dachshunds that have had disk problems sometimes rest and baby aspirin will help. Can he go to the bath room? you can take a towel and slip it under his body to support his legs so he can go to the bathroom. When mine was down he stayed in his crate for about a week only came out to go potty. You might try rescue dachshunds on line they might be able to help you if you tell them your problem. if you decide to give him baby aspirin give it with food so as not to upset his stomach
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I have seen some nearly miraculous recoveries with the little doggie wheelchairs, and NO surgery. Keep good care of his hind feet. He may drag them and scrape a lot of skin off the tops of the foot and toes, and around his ankles, in the meantime. Put an ad up on craigslist asking for a wheelchair for him. Say how tall he is and how big around the chest also. Good luck.
Hello there-

I have a pomeranian, and he has had a slipped disc in his back, and it was terribly painful. The only thing that helped him was a round of steriods and muscle relaxers that I got from the vet, plus you have to make them rest. My pom, Cosmo, also has two bad knees on his rear legs--luxating patellas. One thing that isn't too expensive and really really helps is giving them gynclosamine (sp) suppliments daily. Not the store ones, the good ones from the vet. Also, a baby asprin once a day is good for them. When he's on those suppliments, it's amazing how well he feels.

We don't have the money to fix Cosmo's knees or back either. It would cost around $1600.00 per knee, and we just can't afford it. Also, if something goes really wrong with his back, I don't know the cost or what I'll do. I cringe every time he starts acting sore. Right now, he's as good as gold though--you would never know he has a problem. (Knock on wood.)

Cosmo is only 5 years old, so I do know how you feel. Good luck to you,

Did they take xrays? I find it very hard to believe that there is no vet in Lancaster or Palmdale that will operate. Virtually all vetrinarian practices I have ever used performed operations. Steroids, NSAIDs (metacam is an excellent one for dogs) and muscle relaxants would certainly be appropriate treatment for joint or disc issues. Glucosamine chondroitin and other health food supplements can be helpful as well. I think y'all need to call the vet back and ask for alternative to surgery treatments.
I found this site that has homemade type "wheelchairs" for dogs. There's one on there for weiner dogs about halfway down, although I think you could be creative in different designs using wheels off almost anything.
keep in mind though, that if your dog appears to be in constant pain then the kindest thing may be to let him go... I hope your dog recovers
Hope your dog recouperates.I had a similar illness with my mix terrier about 20 years ago.I had her at that point about 9 year's. She had slid down steps in snow and her back broke. The one vet I took her too seemed to think the prednesone she was given earlier in her young years for allergies weaked her bone's.The vet suggested right away she be put down. I just couldn't do it at that point.She had to be diapered and her bladder emptied and her rear leg's were going down hill fast due to her fighting and dragging.She was a high spirit dog and loved life.We would have my mom sit the dog while we were at work etc. for a couple of months. My father in law even at that point was trying to divise something that she could sit her rear on with some little wheels.One morning her whole body tipped and her whole left hip broke while my mom had her.
. I think that was one of the saddest days of my life as the vet said if she had been younger the leg could have been removed but she had gotten so frail.We did the best for her and she had to be euthanized.We buried her in a great loving family pet community of our pets. There is a lot more technology now and so many different thing's vet's can do.I sure hope ypur dog gets well and maybe someone can come up with something to help it get around.
Why don't you talk to someone who does rescue that probably has had a lot of experience with this since many of these dogs end up in rescue. Here's one I found:

could point you to someone in your area that can give you good advice. I'm sorry for your little guy. A wheel chair won't ease the pain so you definitely will need to provide medication to give him comfort.
You've gotten some great advice here.
I heard of this happening to a wiener-dog that ate chocolate. He was fine after a couple days. I hope this is what happened. Good luck.

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