Can someone recommend a cat trap?


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Jun 9, 2009
This morning my neighbor's cat found its way back in my yard spying 'the girls' (all 11 weeks old). Although I have a somewhat cooperative neighbor, my patience is running out. The only good news is (well, bad depending on how you look at) is the girls are standing their ground and Belinda-my white leghorn-was in attack mode creeping toward the cat. I put up cat powder around and atop the perimeter of my fence but it take a good two weeks before it is effective, if then. Does anyone know if they are good quality traps at a low cost? And what kind of bait do you normally put in a cat trap? Thanks in advance.
I don't know about a cat trap. I have sprayed the neighbors cat with a hose a few times. That seemed to work for us. They hate water. When the girls got older the cat leaves them alone and now tries to get our rabbit. So hence round 2
! Let me know if you find something that works.
Coon-sized havahart or similar should work for you. you can probably go off-brand if you're aiming for cat, especially house cat.

Be aware that anything that's bait for a cat will draw in coons and skunks, too. I tried catnip with no success :p Guess my problem kitty just says no to drugs
As horsejody stated:

live trap with ocean whitefish canned catfood
and after trapping, take it to the humane society or rabies control

Good luck
Thank you all for your timely replies. I'll check with animal control to see if I can get one on loan. I may also see if I can get a powerful water gun for under 10 bucks too. Maybe I can teach my girls to use the gun.
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Only very gullible cats will let themselves be caught in a Havaheart, so it depends on how smart your neighbor's kitty is...
I love my DDs BB gun!! Best thing we have found. Any animal that doesn't belong to us that comes snooping in our yard gets it in the butt with the BB gun!! This works great.

I even take one with me out on the horses. When unruly dogs run up on your horse you pop it in the butt with the BB gun and it turns and runs like a wet hen
Or, if you are a cutter at heart like me then you chase them with the horse. A 1200 pound horse turning on them chasing them down really freaks them out

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