Can someone tell me a little about frizzle?


10 Years
Aug 28, 2009
I have a cochin chick who has just begun to display some feathers turning outward on her wings. She is about 8-9 weeks old and until now all have been growing straight.

Any chance she might be frizzle? Or is this just a feather oddity or phase?
I bought her from a local man who raises lots of them but I believe he got these from a hatchery. He said she was a splash, but as her feathers come in I sincerely doubt that....mainly dark feathers. The ones turning out just happened in the last two days. Interesting!
for a frizzle, you'll usualy see them as soon as the primaries grow...

Another thing that can cause curling is high protein diet where the feathers grow faster than what it's suppose to....
That is a thought. I feed her Dumor chick starter. For treats I have given her things like bird seed, yogurt with applesauce. She did get some mealworms last week which have lots of protein. Could that have been too much? The feathers that are curling are on her wings and I don't think they are new. She had wing feathers when we got her at 4 weeks. I'm not seeing anything different with my BO or SLW chicks that are in the cage with her, but they are much larger and, I believe, a bit older.

Thanks for the ideas.
I have had a couple of Cochin Chicks that had crimped or a kinky feather of two at around 4 weeks. They have all smoothed out or molted out by now at 10 weeks.

As mentioned, my Frizzled birds are obvious at 5-7 days old.

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