Can these ducks recover?


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Sep 1, 2019
Two of our ducks were attacked yesterday and lost parts of the beak. Duck #1 lost about 1/3 of the beak and Duck #2 lost about 3/4. The tongue is intact. See pics.

We gave emergency care - bath, water, antibiotic. Both are breathing normally today.

We want to help these ducks recover if possible, but we also don’t know if duck #2’s injuries are too severe for her to ever be able to drink and feed without help.

Your experience requested.
I too am very sorry for your loss. That looks pretty bad but I tell ya they are amazing how they can recover. Keep up with keeping the injury clean and keep her away from flies. Is she over shock? She may not feel like eating but if she’ll drink get her some poultry Nutri drench and add to her water. Direction on the bottle. And once she does start eating make her a soupy mix of water and feed so it’s easier to get down. Once she heals make sure she has a bowl deep enough she can scoop her feed up out of.

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